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Real People Vs. Computer

If you book mostly luxury and moderate travel, your trips should not be treated like a commodity. Your vacation is worth more than a mouse click. CRUISE and RESORT is 180 degrees different than huge impersonal Internet booking sites.

CRUISE and RESORT Personal Luxury Travel Advisors are truly happy to talk with clients on the phone or via e-mail. We care about your individual likes and dislikes so we create a personal profile that includes YOUR preferences. We note your favorite airlines, hotels, cruise lines, the people you like to travel with, and so much more. True service means personalization! 

Travel in Style

If you are currently booking direct with hotels and cruise lines, or if you book your travel online, you’re probably ready for a service upgrade! CRUISE and RESORT is perfect for upscale family vacations, resorts in paradise, honeymoon travel and corporate and business travel.

Names You Trust

CRUISE and RESORT was founded by Tony and Kristy Adler. Their highly successful travel industry careers are directly linked to their integrity and keen understanding of service. 318-752-5714.


  • A proud member of the Virtuoso travel network, assuring you of the best rates and value-added amenities at the most prestigious upscale hotels, resorts and cruise lines worldwide. Virtuoso is known for its extremely stringent membership requirements. Less than one percent of travel agents in America are invited to join Virtuoso. There is a difference when you work with the best!
  • One of the world’s leading online and offline travel agencies.
  • We don’t hide our telephone number. You are welcome to call our vacation experts for any questions, or to assist you with making your travel arrangements.
  • Representatives in over 50 countries to assist in planning unique custom-tailored vacations for discriminating travelers. We go way beyond reservation fulfillment!
  • We provide services to individuals and to large groups. We plan honeymoons in paradise to full ship charters for corporations. It is all about service. We provide the very best in the travel industry!
Exclusive Cruise Vacations by Virtuoso

Virtuoso travel specialists start planning each exclusive cruise vacation with competitive prices on hundreds of departures on the world’s choice cruise lines. Then, Virtuoso adds exclusive benefits that might include accommodations in five-star resorts, dinner at Michelin-starred restaurants, private land tours, personable onboard hosts, shipboard credits and exclusive cocktail receptions – exclusively for and complimentary to all Virtuoso travel clients.

Luxury Resorts, Hotels, Spas, and Lodges by Virtuoso

Looking for the right accommodations for a memorable vacation experience? Our Virtuoso inventory includes the world’s finest travel accommodations, including luxury hotels, resorts, spas, and lodges–all handpicked by Virtuoso Travel Specialists. At CRUISE and RESORT, we work with each accommodation provider to create a series of exclusive travel amenities and values available only to Virtuoso travelers.

Tour Vacations and Group Vacation Packages by Virtuoso

Whether you are planning to travel for 80, 18, or 8 days, we know the world and all the ways for you to enjoy it while on vacation – by balloon or private jet, by barge or luxury yacht, by train or car and driver. Whether you are seeking an adventure tour in Africa or a guided trip through Napa Valley’s vineyards, the luxury travel specialists at CRUISE and RESORT can help make your dream vacation a reality.

Special Occasion and Family Vacation Packages by Virtuoso

Celebrating a special anniversary? Looking for a vacation to please everyone in your family? We can help you select the perfect vacation package. Our exclusive Virtuoso vacations begin with accommodations at deluxe hotels, and then we add all the extra components that put it all together like airline tickets, car rentals, exclusive private tours, and tickets to special events.


Virtuoso Travel Benefits

  • Hundreds of the finest hotels, resorts, spas, lodges, rail lines and car services around the world roll out the red carpet for Virtuoso clients. We’ll get you into the right room in the right hotel, with the right view – when others can’t. As our client, you automatically enjoy upgrades, special amenities and services for no additional cost.
  • Virtuoso cruise clients enjoy special savings and are treated as VIPs from the moment they embark. Choose from more than 500 Virtuoso Voyager Club departures aboard the world’s top cruise lines and enjoy exclusive cocktail receptions, special tours and advantageous pricing. Simply book through Cruise and Resort to receive your complimentary membership into Voyager Club.
  • When Do-it-Yourself Just Won’t Do
    While we are quite proud of what we offer on our website, we are also aware that online booking may not be perfect for all vacations. For certain luxury travel or adventure travel, you may want to talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable travel consultants. Even Terrell Jones, president, uses a Virtuoso travel consultant for those “unique experiences” – vacations requiring an inside, first-name connection to the crème de la crème hotels and resorts in the world’s top vacation destinations. As Jones discovered, the Virtuoso name can open doors to hotels and resorts with “no vacancies” for other travelers. In fact, for any type of travel, we are available both online and offline.You can always contact us toll-free at: 1-888-652-6400.

How We’re Different 

Cruise and Resort

Ordinary Travel Agencies

Professional travel planning You want to go where?
Terrific deals resulting from multi-million dollar buying power Maybe you might want to see the pretty posters in our office
Customer service via toll-free phone, fax, Internet and e-mail We’re here 9-5 — Call us sometime
Experience operating one of the world’s largest travel companies Not a lot of experience
We embrace today’s technology We have an airline reservation system
It’s not just about price, it’s about value Everyone wants the cheapest hotels and the cheapest cruises
We understand your style Style???
National recognition by nearly all travel suppliers Local recognition
Vacations for 1 to 5,000 Vacations for 1 – 2
Realistic Vacations for the family Squeeze as many as you can in the room
Romantic beach vacations $30 cheaper with a parking lot view
Standard rooms to Presidential Suites Standard rooms only
Practical information available by website and phone You’ve got the brochure, don’t you?
We truly value your business! Have a nice flight
A sense of humor What’s that?

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